Started with the idea that we could make a difference to how small business owners could grow their business using IT whilst being backed by a dedicated IT company.

it-sales-and-services-800_004After a long career within the education department and working weekends for a small IT firm the company founder Adrian Pye had this vision that he could make a difference in the IT industry by providing support to small businesses with a unique approach to holistic IT Support.
Having seen first hand that many small business owners relied on dealing with many different companies to get things done he knew that he could take ownership of all the headaches, take away the element of the unknown and bring it down to a 1-1 level with the business owner therefore making their life easy. That was his vision and the company started with this as part of its DNA.

it-sales-and-services-800_006After rapid growth over the next 4 years and a stable client base established Adrian handed over the reigns to new business partner Adam MacNaughton to continue the growth in the company while Adrian focused on strengthening relationships with the existing client base. Back of house development began and we fast developed in house solutions that extended our support capabilities to our clients. Support times dropped considerably and our customers system reliability grew rapidly.

A further 4 years has passed, we have moved into our new office with ample room for growth, extended our products and services and remain focused in providing the very best support and service to our current and future clients.

IT Sales and Services – Your Technology Today!