A comprehensive alternative to having your own IT department, our contract support plans can provide you with the confidence that we have your IT environment monitored and supported like a finally tuned race car.

With 5min incremental monitoring occurring on all key systems within your business, we have the ability to foresee faults that would otherwise bring your business to a standstill and fix them long before you notice. Our support plans also come standard with a maintenance program built in which further aims to keep the system running as fast as possible for you and your staff.

As a contract client you will also receive priority service at a reduced rate to that of a non contract clients and be backed by strong SLA’s so you can have confidence that when you need us we will be there to support you promptly and efficiently every time.

We always have a dedicated support staff member in the office during business hours with the promise that we will provide you a highly trained, highly skilled technician ready at the waiting should you need to call. It may be a question or a complex fix, either way we have you covered by simply calling our office number.

Our business is tailored to providing you remote or onsite support. Either option we can cater for at a time that suits you. After hours options are also available if your business operates around the clock.

Our Contract Plans come in Three (3) tiers ranging from monitoring only to a full comprehensive no more to pay plan that covers all your expected IT costs.

Give us a call to discuss which plan would best fit your business.