Our Hosted Email service will ensure that your company email is safe, secure, reliable and widely available, all at a reasonable cost, no matter how large or small your company.

We offer two forms of hosted Email. A private cloud based version delivered using Exchange 2013 and the more traditional Office 365 offering from Microsoft. Both offerings allow you to have your email hosting in the “Cloud”. The main difference is that we host and support the private cloud based version for you and Microsoft hosts and supports the Office 365 solution.

The private cloud offering is for the security conscious who don’t wont their email hosted amongst other companies in Microsoft cloud. We host the email here in Sydney Australia with replication options to Melbourne and Brisbane depending on your location. The private cloud version ensure your email is hosting in a silo-ed server and is not in contact with any other companies data. Up time is guaranteed at 99.9999%. Multi device access is possible with either IOS, Windows or Android devices allowing you to be in touch with you email where ever you go.

With the Microsoft Office365 platform we handle all the setup and ongoing support for use within the Microsoft Cloud. All your accounts and maintenance are maintained by our highly skilled staff. You will have comfort in knowing we will keep Microsoft honest and ensure you get the very best out of their solution.

Contact us today to see which Hosted Email solution will best suit your business